Our History


Twice Upon A Time began back in 1987 with only a few hundred sq feet on Elliot St in Brattleboro Vermont selling consignment infant and children’s clothing and accessories. As a child, my sister and I played hide and seek in the racks and with local kids while their moms shopped. We moved 3 more times including expansions and renovations through 1996. We have been in a 1906 renovated department store, originally E.J.Fenton and Son, on historic Main St since 1996 with fully restored tin ceilings, gold leaf columns, mezzanine, and basement. We have 3 floors with 10,000 sq ft of Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Jewelry, Vintage Clothing, and home décor. With over 100 vendors and 4,000 consignors, we have the most eclectic shop you will ever find. We are so proud of our family shop comprised of so many valued vendors and consignors! I was raised in this shop and it has become my second home. My family has been raised in this shop. My sister and brother and I played here as children. My nephew, Logan, and my 2 children, Abigail and Jacob, were at work with me and my sister full time from the age of 2 months until 15 months. We hope that you come in and see what you can find as we always say “It takes a village!” and “There’s a little something for everyone!”

The Sisters

Our fearless Leader Nicole Chase is on the right and her younger sister Cindi is on the left. 

We are family and we stick together. We may not look like we run an antique store, but when you grow up around chamber pots, firestarters, percolators, vintage glass, and antique furniture you learn a thing or two over 36 years. We have fun every day and we love what we do and the people we work with.

Our goal is to create an environment you want to be in while maintaining our vintage department store appeal. So if you haven't been in before and you see the sisters, make sure you say hi! We love to meet new customers! 


Founder Randi Crouse

Our Mother and Founder of Twice Upon A Time! Her vision brought the dream of Twice Upon A Time, and giving back to the local people, to life! 10,000 sq feet and two previous locations and big moves and one HUGE renovation in 1996. Randi has a spirit like no other and no project scared her off no matter how big. She was and still is a force to be reckoned with. In 2009 Nicole became a part owner with her mother and she ran the store while Randi ran an auction and then an estate sale business. Around 2015 Randi retired and closed her estate sale company. At that point Nicole took over full ownership and here we are today! Now she gets to spend her time with her 5 grandkids, her loving husband Del, and her puppy Charlie. 

We all love you Randi AKA MOM!

Family Matters!


Family owned and operated for 30 years, Twice Upon A Time supports our local community by keeping our money local with the services of consignment and rental vendor spaces for good quality used furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, vintage clothing, and home décor. I am Nicole Chase, owner and operator of Twice Upon A Time and I am passionate about my community and my shop. I grew up in this town and in this shop and I like to give back whenever I can. I tell people “It takes a village” and I mean it. We could not be here and I could not raise my kids here without the support of my village of vendors, consignors, and customers. We support each other and every dollar spent here supports all of our families. I am proud to be a member of this village. Brattleboro is a community that has shaped me and my family through the years and I’m so grateful for their love and support.


Come on in and join our family and find something truly unique for yours. Anyone can have an Ikea Home but it’s the unique historic pieces in your home that tell your personal story and style. What do you want your home to say?

We would love to help you find the item on your wish list! We will see you soon!