Welcome to Twice Upon A Time

63 Main St, Brattleboro, VT, 05301

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Monday   11:00am - 6:00pm

Tuesday   11:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday   11:00am - 6:00pm 

Thursday   11:00am - 6:00pm

Friday   11:00am - 6:00pm

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 Twice Upon A Time...Our quirky family has owned and operated Twice since 1986 and we love and appreciate our Awesome town and our amazing and gorgeous state of Vermont! Growing up here, we live and breathe the term "Vermont Strong", and Twice Upon A Time is no exception. We started small and have grown exponentially throughout the years. We started out with a few hundred square feet consigning children’s clothing in 1987. We have moved 4 times including our renovations and expansions. We are conveniently located on Main St in a renovated 1906 department store on historic Main St with 3 floors and 10,000 square feet since 1996.

We are a vendor cooperative here and each vendor rents space from us and fills it with only their items and displays, and prices them as they wish. This leads to some great personalities and tastes throughout the shop that caters to an enormous variety of interests. We have over 100 local vendors and over 4,000 local consignors just like you and me that make our shop the most eclectic in the area. We currently do not consign clothing but leave that to our wonderful clothing vendors.  

Wonderful furniture, handmade items, antiques, collectibles,  new and used clothing, vintage clothing, scarves, hats, silver and gold jewelery, coins, ephemera, vintage cameras, glassware, kitchenware, bakeware, books, DVDs, retro stereo equipment, records, lamps, home decor, candy, and much much more!


Bring your whole family and you will find that there is a little something for everyone!



As we all move through this crazy and wonderful life changes abound. We all move, change, inherit, or buy items that lose their usefulness before they have lost their value. Styles change and so we must make room for new things and pass our old furniture along to a new home. Therefore we offer consignment as a way to get the best value for your items so you can focus on what matters in your life. We have been doing this a long time and have a great loyal customer base. We see more than a million people come through our doors each year and have become a travel destination for many. 


If you have items you would like to consign we ask that you take photos and email them to Nicole at nicole.twice@gmail.com. If you are looking to sell a large amount of furniture and smaller household items we can make an onsite house call with Nicole through email as well. 

Vendor Booth Rentals

We rent vendor booths and floor space in our shop to experienced resellers who are familiar with retail merchandising and pricing. We welcome local tradespeople, craftsmen, antique enthusiasts, and artists.

Give us a call for space availability, pricing, and terms. We would love to meet you and go over everything! You can email Nicole at nicole.twice@gmail.com